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2 Hour Integrated Bodywork Experience

2 Hour Integrated Bodywork Experience

Do you always wish you could have a little more time?


Indulge in this ultimate two-hour integrated bodywork experience, a focused blend of therapeutic modalities designed to rejuvenate your specific body, mind, and spirit. Everything is optional and customizable and does not effect the price.


Begin or end your session by enjoying tea and honey from local farmers.


Opening meditation and breathwork, set the tone for the session with deep diaphragmatic breathing to promote better circulation and enhanced long term cognition. This practice ensures your body receives the most benefit from this 2 hour session.


Soothing hot stones melt away tension and promote deep relaxation.


Cupping assists in releasing muscle tightness and breaking up stagnant energy. 


Ashiatsu, where the therapist utilizes feet to deliver long, flowing strokes, providing a deeper pressure. 


Hot towels offering a comforting touch that further eases muscle tension and enhances the overall experience.


Choose your own aromatherapy essential oils to enhance mood and improve breathing quality while lying face down. 


For more intensity, a Theragun can be used to address specific areas of tension with vibration and precision.


Gua Sha involves gentle scraping to release stagnation and improve range of motion. It can be particularly helpful for TMJ.


Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle yet profound approach that aims to release impingements along the spine (from the cranium to the sacrum), improving the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and enhancing communication between the spine and different parts of the body.


Enjoy a soothing gel undereye mask to reduce puffiness and leave you feeling refreshed.


This two-hour integrated bodywork treatment is a holistic symphony of therapeutic techniques, tailored to nurture your body and soul, leaving you with a profound sense of well-being and balance.

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